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What is Spikeball?

Spikeball entered into the sports industry in 1989, but it achieved popularity and appreciation more recently. Spikeball game is similar to volleyball, but it is much more transportable. And it does not require much room. It is a simple two on two games. Any sports loving person will find this game interesting and exciting. Currently, spikeball tournaments are becoming popular all over the USA and people are showing interest for this game. If you want to buy spike ball go for three ball sets that come with a net, three balls, and a backpack to carry it.

Spikeball game can be played by anyone. It is easy to be carried. You can carry it to any place and enjoy the game with your family and friends.

How to play Spikeball

Though spikeball and volley games are nearly similar, the spikeball rules are different. There are many ways to play spikeball games. This game can be played by four players or six players. The game procedure and rules will be different for four player game and six player games. These differences include infraction penalties, lining up of the players and so many other things. The spikeball game requires a string net, a small bouncing ball, and four or six players. These players need to line up next to each other or line up across from each other around the trampoline. In all types of the spikeball games, the game starts with a serve from one team to another team, and the game continues till the spike ball is being hit from one player to another to trampoline. The game ends when an infraction occurs between either the ball or the player. This game is full of fun. One can easily learn this game and enjoy it. Spikeball game is getting popularity all over the Europe because of the increasing demand of the game in the USA.

A standard spikeball game includes fives components. In this game, players are allowed to line up each other next to the spikeball net, with the opposing team lined up straight across from them next to the spikeball net. The object of the game is that to hit the ball against the net so that the opposite team will not be able to return it or to hit it against the spikeball net. The game will be continued until the ball is not returned properly.

Spikeball Gameplay

A spike ball game requires two teams and an intense and fast taut hula sized net. The game starts with the serving of the ball by one of the team. They are allowed to try up to three hits between the players to control the ball and to bounce it back. When a team misses the chance of hitting, another team will score. The team, who scores 21, becomes the winner of the game. This game is played two on two with some rules similar to volleyball. If you are a volleyball player, you will find this game easy and interesting.

Features of the Spikeball game

• Play two on two

• Hit the ball back and forth until the other team is unable to return it

• Comes with a combo pack, three balls, one net, and backpack

• Can be played with five components

• Easy setup

• Easy to carry

• Can be played at any place and against anyone who has little knowledge about this game


• Do not charge extra for net

• Prices included all the components, three balls, and net

• These balls and the net is weather resistant

• Anyone above nine years of age can play this game

• This game can be played by four players, but with some variations it can be played by six players as well

• It is portable and easy to carry

• It can be played both as the indoor and outdoor game

• It comes with lifetime warranty

• A requires assembling

• It is affordable

• It is made of plastic material

• It is durable and requires less maintenance

• It is heat resistant

Weight and Dimensions

• Diameter5”

• Weight: 0.2lbs

• Folded:2” H x 36″ W x 36″ D

• Overall: 8″ H x 36″ W x 36″ D

Why Spikeball is so Fun!

Spikeball game is similar to the volleyball game. It is easy to be played and the procedures and rules of this game are easy to understand. It can be a great source of entertainment. It is portable and easy to be carried. You can enjoy this game when you are in vacation. It can be played by younger kids and even by older people. You can say that it is a great medium of enjoyment for all. Moreover, it is affordable. You can enjoy this game by spending fifteen dollars only. Nowadays, this game is more popular in the USA and the country is promoting this game. Tournaments are getting arranged all over the country. It is also an indoor game. Hence, you do not need to go out to enjoy the spikeball game. You can make your home environment fun and interesting by promoting your kids to play this game and enjoy it at home when you find it difficult to take them out to participate in any other sports and entertaining activities.