How to Play Spikeball

Spikeball Gameplay

Here are some of the things to be aware of when playing the game of Spikeball.

• Balls are twelve inches in parameter

• The net should be consistent throughout the game

• Players of two teams line up across each other along with the net

• The players who are not receiving the serve must be six feet away from the net

• Returner of the serve can stand anywhere he wants

• Restriction will not be followed once the ball is served

• Once the ball is served, players can move anywhere they want

• Possession will change when the ball will come into the contact of the net

• Each team is allowed three hits to change the possession

• They do not need to use the three hits to get the possession

• When sunlight creates trouble, the team should change their sides to offer equal chance for both teams

• While playing on the grass, one team is allowed to play in barefoot and the other is in cleats. Scissors or rock or paper will be a determining factor in deciding whether both the teams will be played in barefoot or any team needs to wear shoes. If the barefoot team loses the game and want to continue the game with the barefoot they can do it at their own risk.

How Scoring works in Spikeball

• Rally scoring (points that can be won by both the receiving and serving team)

• Games are allowed to be played to twenty one points. The winner team must win the game by two points

• Teams need to change sides once a team gets eleven points

• Points will be scored in the following conditions

When the ball is not strike back into the net in three hits

If the ball touches the ground

If the ball strikes the rim

If the ball does not rebound off the net with a single rebound

If there is any illogical serve

If there is any fraction

In all the above six conditions, points can be scored.

Serving of the Spikeball

• To start the game, the players need to take their positions first. They line up across each other along with the net. The designated receiver is only allowed to field the serve.

• The ball must be tossed up from the server’s hand before it is hit. The server cannot hit it directly. If the server failed to serve it properly, they can drop the ball on the ground. By doing this, they will get another opportunity to serve and toss the ball.

• The server must be six feet away from the net while serving the ball. If required, the server can lean towards the service line, but the feet should not cross the service line until the ball is hit.

• Under any circumstances, if the feet of the server touch the service line or cross it, the serving will be considered faulty. And the server will get one more try for serving. If they will not be able to serve properly even in the second try, they lose the point.

• The server can take one pivot step or straight- on approach step, but he is not permitted to move beyond the pivot.

• The server is allowed to make both soft and hard servings. There is no restriction about soft and hard servings.

• The serves should be below the receiver’s raised hand. If the receiver will be able to cut the ball then the game will start. If the ball is too high and receiver will find it difficult to reach there, he must call “let” before their team try to reach the ball. In this situation, the server will get another chance to serve the ball. If the serving team fails to hit a legal serve on the second try, the team will lose the point. If the receiver will not call for “let”, then the game will be continued.

• If the ball comes into the contact of the rim at any time, then the other team will get a point and possession

• If a server wins a point, he will change positions with his teammates

• The four players will get equal chances of serving throughout the match

Contact with the Spike-balls

• The hit needs to alternate between teammates

• The spikeball needs to be hit, not to be lifted, thrown, or caught. A player cannot use two hands to hit the ball.

• A player can use any part of the body to hit the ball

• If the ball hits the ground and the rim, the serving team will not get any point