Regular Spikeball vs Spikeball Pro (Tournament Edition)

Why Buy the Spikeball Pro Version over Regular?

The Spikeball Pro Kit Tournament Edition is just much better. If you play a lot, this is for you! I’ve played both and this set is worth the price for people that are playing a lot. The Pro Ball is better with the 2 toned colors, much easier to see and allows for spin, the legs are sturdier and the new stays much tighter. Everything in the set is just better, although it is around $45 more expensive at $99.

The Pro Version also Offers:
– INCLUDES 1 FREE REGISTRATION TO A USA SPIKEBALL TOURNAMENT. $40 value and perfect for any competitive player

– 33% STRONGER RIMS AND LEGS. Less likely to break from an errant fall or dive. More stable playing surface
BETTER BALLS. Added texture on the Pro Balls enable more spin and control on hits

– SHIPS IN A SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX – Select ” Ship in Amazon Box” at checkout for the product to deliver in a plain brown Amazon box

– LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Purchase from Spikeball and we’ll replace any broken part, free of charge, forever. Don’t get stuck with knock off brands and knock off warranties. This warranty is not transferable. Email a picture of the broken piece to and they will send you a replacement free of charge.