Spike N Smash vs Spikeball

What is the difference between Spike ‘N Smash and Spikeball?

the spike n smash gameThere are several games vying for the best spike game, Spike ‘N Smash is trying to put itself up where Slammo and Spikeball are. You can read mostly everything you need to know about Spikeball vs Slammo, including both games at our recent post.

As for Spike ‘N Smash’s history, well in the past(pictured right) it hasn’t compared to Spikeball or Slammo. Spike ‘N Smash had some pretty awful reviews on the internet and the main reason is it wasn’t made very well. The older Spike ‘N Smash game seemed to be more geared towards kids, don’t get me wrong, it played the same as Spikeball and Slammo; but it didn’t hold up with adults playing it. It would fall apart before you could get a season out of it.

Fast forward to today, the new steel Spike ‘N Smash(pictured right) is essentially as good as Spikeball, but at less than half the price. Better yet, Spike N’ Smash is steel and it actually feels much more sturdier than Spikeball. The new Spike ‘N Smash is an adult game that holds up to wear and tear and is really fun to play. Spikeball is priced around $50 to $60 depending on where you find it, while Spike ‘N Smash is around $25. Call me crazy, but I prefer this Spike ‘N Smash set to Spikeball, it just feels better to play. Give it a shot, it’s a great alternative to Spikeball at less than half the price.