Spikeball vs Slammo

What is the difference between Slammo and Spikeball? Spikeball was the first to market in the spike game industry we can call it, when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2015. They never were able to get a patent on the product so that offered more variations of the same product from different companies. That is where Slammo comes in, it is much like the original Spikeball set, but it has it’s differences, lets dive in.

Quick Comparison of Popular GamesSpikeballSlammo
Legs AdjustYesNo
Quality of BallsThicker, Heavier with RidgesNot as Nice as Spikeball balls, but they do bounce better
Comes with Training Balls?NoYes
Learn MoreCheck Out SpikeballCheck Out Slammo
Typical Pricing$50 to $60$25 to $35

We’ve played both Slammo and Spikeball, so here are the differences between the two:

Both games are a lot of fun, so either will work for a fun backyard, park or beach game. Spikeball is more popular but Slammo is fun as well. The construction of the Spikeball set is strong and sturdy. The PVC on the Slammo game is durable as well although there have been complaints that it doesn’t withstand the elements if you leave it outside. So try and disassemble when done playing and store away in the nice bag the set comes with. Slammo seems to be built for flat surfaces as the legs do not adjust. Spikeball is better if you are playing on a hill as the legs adjust. Both sets are sturdy, so it will come down to whether you need the legs to adjust.

The net system is very similar between the two, which are easily adjustable. The Spikeball balls are nicer than the Slammo’s as they are heavier, thicker and offer ridges. Slammo has improved their playing balls over the years, so we need to give them credit for that. The Slammo balls do seem to have more bounce than the Spikeball balls, so take that into consideration. Slammo does come with a training ball for newer players, which Spikeball is missing.

The Spikeball set will set you back about around $50 and Slammo comes in around $30, that price does fluctuate depending on where you purchase it. Slammo is not too different, with a $20 lower price, so that may be better option if cost is your top concern. Spikeball does have more publicity after being on Sharktank and having a stronger social media presence. Spikeball seems to be the favorite for most because the legs do adjust.

The bottom line is that if you need the legs to adjust you get the Spikeball set, if not, the cheaper Slammo set will be a great budget friendly option.

What’s in the Spikeball Box?

  • 3 Spikeballs – You can buy with 1 ball for about $7 less
  • Spikeball Branded Carrying Bag
  • Spikeball Stickers and Swag
  • Spikeball Net
  • Spikeball Frame
  • Inflation Needle


What’s in the Slammo Box?

  • 3 Slammo Balls
  • Slammo Target
  • 12cm Training Ball
  • Branded Carrying Case
  • Hand Pump and Filling Needle